Joseph P. Farnum


Built at Cleveland in 1887, this 152′ wooden steamer was bound from St. Joseph to Escanaba on July 20, 1889 when a fire broke out in the engine room. The ship lost power and drifted for a couple of hours in sight of land and other passing ships but it was not until the fire grew to a point the crew of 12 was forced to abandon ship and grab on to floating debris that the South Haven Life Saving Station realized they were adrift and burning. Recruiting assistance from the steamer Glen who was in port, the Life Savers were towed out to the scene and rescued the entire crew from two floating hatch covers before the Farnum broke open and sank. The wreckage was found by Ralph Wilbanks in 20XX, 1 &1/4 miles from the center of the search point proposed by SWMUP researcher Jim Scholz.



The wreck lies with the hull split open. The boilers, engine and other equipment are visible.



Lying in ~165 feet, this wreck is outside of the SWMUP and has only been visited by a few tech divers.



GPS 42deg 00.000min / 86deg 00.000min

Decimal Degrees (WGS84)

Latitude Longitude
42.00000 -86.00000

Degrees, Minutes & Seconds

Latitude Longitude
N42 00 01 W86 00 00


Latitude Longitude
N 42 00.000 W 86 00.000


16N 000000 40000000