A Guide To A Variety Of Shipwreck Sites 

This map shows relative locations for Shipwrecks in and near the preserve. Please help us verify all locations. If you dive one of the wrecks let us know when you dove it and what numbers you used.

Map instructions and map legend are located below the map. 


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Havana: 42.195483, -86.428283
Rockaway: 42.439500, -86.308000
Verano: 42.506867, -86.263867
Francie: 42.524748, -86.264648
Northshore Tug: 42.669417, -86.324017
Ralph\'s Barge & Crane: 42.387917, -86.402000
Crane & Barge: 42.711633, -86.230217
City of Green Bay: 42.366667, -86.284500
Ann Arbor #5: 42.379467, -86.457283
H. C. Akley: 42.658750, -86.528333
Hatch Cover: 42.648667, -86.241950
Fireboat: 42.669417, -86.324017
Hamilton: 42.625017, -86.527250
Hennepin: 42.460750, -86.529717

This is our shipwreck map. You can see our combined map to view all objects. We also have other maps that are pre-filtered to show only the Geological Formation or Peirs / Structures.

Clicking on an object marker will bring up a link to a detail page on that object including a variety of GPS/location numbers when they are available.

ShipwrecksRecDepthMarker – This marker denotes a shipwreck that is considered within recreational diving depths.

ShipwrecksTechDepthMarker– This marker denotes a shipwreck that is deeper then what is considered recreational sport diving depths. Special training and equipment may be required.

PiersStucturesMarker – This marker denotes piers or underwater structures.

GeologicalFormationsMarker– This marker denotes geological formations.

-This marker denotes and object where GPS numbers are intentionally inaccurate or not available. Using these GPS number to dive will most likely not result in finding the object. Never dive deeper then your training or your equipment allows safely.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.40.11 AMClicking on the + or – on the upper left corner of the map will allow zooming. On mobile devices you can pinch to zoom.

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According to State Law: 

No person shall recover, alter or destroy abandoned property which is in, on or over the bottomlands of the Great Lakes, including those within a bottomlands Preserve, unless the person has a permit issued jointly by the Secretary of State and the DEQ

Note: Mooring, anchoring and diving at any of the sites is at your own risk. The SWMUP maintains buoys at some of the sites, but there is no guarantee it will be in place when you arrive. Visibility can range from 0-80+ feet, depending on depth and weather conditions.

Please check our Facebook page at for the latest condition updates. The SWMUP is working to promote and develop more sites though side scan searches and intentional vessel sinkings.